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February 19 2018



The other day I answered the door to my postman. I was signing for stuff, like you do, when my kid came downstairs with only his underwear and a t-shirt on.

Now, the postman couldn’t see him from the front door, and I scribbled my signature and said, to my son, “You need to put some trousers on.”

My postman, very slowly, looked down at his trouser-clad legs with a mixture of confusion and horror, and then looked back up at me.

When I explained I was talking to my little boy out of his line of sight, he gave a very solemn nod and said: “I thought I’d put trousers on this morning, but suddenly when you said that, I really wasn’t sure.” 

Years after this, I still have the same postman. He still always wears trousers, but every time I answer the door, I’m pretty sure we both remember this incident.

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Net fix und Chill
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February 18 2018

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https://xkcd.com/1949/ - Fruit Collider

"The most delicious exotic fruit discovered this way is the strawberry banana. Sadly, it's only stable in puree form, so it's currently limited to yogurt and smoothies, but they're building a massive collider in Europe to search for a strawberry banana that can be eaten whole."
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When your battery is getting too hot
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There are libraries in Los Angeles that let kids read to pay off their late fees. Each hour a child spends reading at county-run libraries knocks $5 off their account. Library staff say at least 100 kids each week read away their debt, and 3,500 suspended accounts were cleared during the first 6 months of the program. Source Source 2

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What is Really Real? via bxt.
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